Best Places to Fly in Virginia?

As the premier pilots association, the Chesterfield Pilots Association, located in Chesterfield County, Virginia, we know that whether you live in the Old Dominion or just visiting, our state has a lot of offer pilots. The scenery is second to none and the ability to get there by plane makes the state attractive to pilots. In this article, we will discuss several of the best places to fly in Virginia and why.


Danville (KDAN) is 115 statute miles from Chesterfield County (KFCI) and offers visitors myriad opportunities for a unique experience. Danville, located in Pittsylvania County, and is situated on the banks of the Dan River just three miles from the North Carolina border. During the Civil War (1861–1865), Danville’s relative remoteness spared its citizens from many of the hardships experienced by other Virginians. 

The Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History offers several programs including an annual storytelling festival, concerts, guided tours, Historical Halloween cemetery tour, and other educational and cultural events.  The Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History is located in the historic home of Major William T. Sutherlin on Millionaires Row in Danville, Virginia.

The American Armoured Foundation Tank Museum chronicles mechanized warfare in both WWI and WWII. Days and times of operation vary depending on the season, so it is advised to visit their website before visiting.

Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake (W91) is 116 statute miles from Chesterfield County (KFCI). Offered is a boat trip for lunch or dinner: Choose any of Smith Mountain Lake lakeside pubs and restaurants for a leisurely meal. 

If you plan to stay for more than an afternoon, consider the Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast. Owned by EAA1114 Chapter members, Bedford Landings is a unique timber frame Bed Breakfast and located at the Smith Mountain Lake Airport. 

Bryce Resort

Bryce Resort is one of the few resorts in the mid-Atlantic with its own airport. Bryce Resort (VG18) is 119 statute miles from Chesterfield County (KFCI). Pilots and families enjoy fishing, golf, skiing and a zip line tour of the area. The activities are a 200-yard walk from the tie down area.

Also, please note that Bryce Resort:

  • has no scheduled airline or charter service available
  • offers daylight operations with VFR only
  • no student solo
  • no touch & go
  • no fuel

Call 800-821-1444 for more information.

South Boston

South Boston (W78) or SoBo as the locals refer to it, is 87 statute miles from Chesterfield County (KFCI). Ernie’s Restaurant is one of the city’s best-kept secrets and is a 5-minute drive from the airport. Because Ernie’s offers transportation to and from the airport, pilots continue to fly in for a stop at Ernie’s.

The South Boston Regional Airport offers a 4000′ paved runway, a 2000′ grass strip and self-serve avgas. 


Luray Caverns is world-renown for its limestone formations created as a result of calcium carbonate giving up some of its carbon dioxide, thus allowing a precipitation of lime to form. The stalactites are breathtaking and it took some 4,000,000 years develop. Luray Caverns is a Registered Natural Landmark and a must-see on your visit.

Luray (KLUA) is 102 statute miles from Chesterfield County (KFCI) and free transportation is available from the airport to the caverns.

Virginia offers pilots a wealth of travel opportunities. Mountains, valleys, and beaches are only a flight away and many regional airports provide transportation to sites of interest. The Chesterfield Pilots Association would be happy to discuss trips around the state and share our experiences. Contact the Chesterfield Pilots Association for more information.